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Premature Ejaculation Remedies – Which Is The Best For You? February 2, 2010

If you suffer from premature ejaculations and ejaculate 2-3 minutes after the penetration or on bad days even before the penetration – than you should really be curious which PE remedy is best for you and what can REALLY help you last longer in bed.

There is a plenty of remedies that can satisfy you but ultimately you will discover that almost all of them are short-term solutions for a very serious and long-term problem. And I bet short-term solutions are not what you are actually looking for. So here we created a comprehensive review of two types of remedies. Let’s move on:

Short-term remedies for premature ejaculation:

One of the main reasons why many guys literally hate condoms is that they greatly reduce sensitivity. But this property can work in your favor if you are not lasting during sex as long as you would like to. But never try using two condoms at the same time to reduce sensitivity even further – it greatly increases chances of both of them tearing. And, moreover, using condoms to fix the premature ejaculation problem did not seem like ideal remedy for most of men.

Numerous desensitizing gels, pills and creams can temporarily help someone to last longer in bed but actually it’s not the perfect solution either. I think most men are not too keen on continuously purchasing gels or other meds in order to delay the ejaculation. We bet you prefer some kind of long-term and actually working solutions that completely fix the problem.

Long term premature ejaculation solutions

There is a book by Edward White that describes some techniques that can help one last longer in bed. As soon as an average men begins implementing them his he starts getting more control over his ejaculation and his stamina rises two-three or even for times as time passes.

There is also another kind of long-term solutions – natural premature ejaculation remedies, such as Delay or DuraMale. They consist of all-natural herbs extracts only, work perfectly and cause no adverse effects. To find out more about premature ejaculation natural remedies or techniques visit wonderful website


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