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Squeeze Technique For Preventing Premature Ejaculation – Does It Help? February 2, 2010

squeeze techniqueAs you might have known – the so-called “Squeeze” technique was invented by Masters and Johnson back in year 1970 when they were running some tests and researches about sexuality.

How it works in short: as soon as the man feels that he is right about to ejaculate during sexual intercourse his female partner has to squeeze the head of his penis with her fingers. The index and middle fingers have to be put together and placed on the top of the penis’ head above the outlet hole while the thumb has to be placed on the underside of the head, at the very edge of the rim.

This will stop the blood supply and as a result the arousal will lower. To achieve such results the pressure applied has to be very firm. And don’t worry – it won’t hurt. If the pressure is strong enough it will only takes a few seconds to make penis shrink.

After that the foreplay can be resumed until the moment when male partner again is ready to penetrate. Then squeeze technique can be applied again – as many times as needed.

This technique should better be used and practiced with real female partner and not through masturbation. The reason is because your own hand is at an odd angle that makes proper placing of fingers on the head of the penis impossible.

Actually many men dislike that technique. Yes, it does involve your female partner, strengthening your relationship, still it does not always work perfectly and you have to spend a lot of time during foreplay to make the penis strong enough to penetrate again. That again and again… Finally your woman gets tired of numerous starting and stopping acts of intercourse. And, you understand, once you have started the intercourse – you won’t like to stop it in a couple of minutes.

So actually while squeeze technique can help you prevent premature ejaculation and last longer in bed at the same time it leads to a considerable lack of interest and involvement by your woman as you have to start and stop over and over again. This is not good as we have to do our best to make our sexual female partners happy.

There is a lot of other options to delay ejaculation that work perfectly and without any side effects. I’m talking about herbal premature ejaculation remedies and I recommend you to visit this website to find out more about how to get control over your ejaculations.