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Premature Ejaculation Remedies – Which Is The Best For You? February 2, 2010

If you suffer from premature ejaculations and ejaculate 2-3 minutes after the penetration or on bad days even before the penetration – than you should really be curious which PE remedy is best for you and what can REALLY help you last longer in bed.

There is a plenty of remedies that can satisfy you but ultimately you will discover that almost all of them are short-term solutions for a very serious and long-term problem. And I bet short-term solutions are not what you are actually looking for. So here we created a comprehensive review of two types of remedies. Let’s move on:

Short-term remedies for premature ejaculation:

One of the main reasons why many guys literally hate condoms is that they greatly reduce sensitivity. But this property can work in your favor if you are not lasting during sex as long as you would like to. But never try using two condoms at the same time to reduce sensitivity even further – it greatly increases chances of both of them tearing. And, moreover, using condoms to fix the premature ejaculation problem did not seem like ideal remedy for most of men.

Numerous desensitizing gels, pills and creams can temporarily help someone to last longer in bed but actually it’s not the perfect solution either. I think most men are not too keen on continuously purchasing gels or other meds in order to delay the ejaculation. We bet you prefer some kind of long-term and actually working solutions that completely fix the problem.

Long term premature ejaculation solutions

There is a book by Edward White that describes some techniques that can help one last longer in bed. As soon as an average men begins implementing them his he starts getting more control over his ejaculation and his stamina rises two-three or even for times as time passes.

There is also another kind of long-term solutions – natural premature ejaculation remedies, such as Delay or DuraMale. They consist of all-natural herbs extracts only, work perfectly and cause no adverse effects. To find out more about premature ejaculation natural remedies or techniques visit wonderful website


Squeeze Technique For Preventing Premature Ejaculation – Does It Help?

squeeze techniqueAs you might have known – the so-called “Squeeze” technique was invented by Masters and Johnson back in year 1970 when they were running some tests and researches about sexuality.

How it works in short: as soon as the man feels that he is right about to ejaculate during sexual intercourse his female partner has to squeeze the head of his penis with her fingers. The index and middle fingers have to be put together and placed on the top of the penis’ head above the outlet hole while the thumb has to be placed on the underside of the head, at the very edge of the rim.

This will stop the blood supply and as a result the arousal will lower. To achieve such results the pressure applied has to be very firm. And don’t worry – it won’t hurt. If the pressure is strong enough it will only takes a few seconds to make penis shrink.

After that the foreplay can be resumed until the moment when male partner again is ready to penetrate. Then squeeze technique can be applied again – as many times as needed.

This technique should better be used and practiced with real female partner and not through masturbation. The reason is because your own hand is at an odd angle that makes proper placing of fingers on the head of the penis impossible.

Actually many men dislike that technique. Yes, it does involve your female partner, strengthening your relationship, still it does not always work perfectly and you have to spend a lot of time during foreplay to make the penis strong enough to penetrate again. That again and again… Finally your woman gets tired of numerous starting and stopping acts of intercourse. And, you understand, once you have started the intercourse – you won’t like to stop it in a couple of minutes.

So actually while squeeze technique can help you prevent premature ejaculation and last longer in bed at the same time it leads to a considerable lack of interest and involvement by your woman as you have to start and stop over and over again. This is not good as we have to do our best to make our sexual female partners happy.

There is a lot of other options to delay ejaculation that work perfectly and without any side effects. I’m talking about herbal premature ejaculation remedies and I recommend you to visit this website to find out more about how to get control over your ejaculations.


Natural Premature Ejaculation Remedies February 1, 2010

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Every sexually active man wants to last longer in bed. Unfortunately, a lot of them ejaculate and reach orgasm too fast – one to three minutes after the penetration. In most sever cases ejaculation occurs even before penetration or right after it.

Doctors call this sexual condition (when man has no control over his ejaculation and it occurs before he wants it) premature ejaculation (in short PE). There are some physical factors that can cause premature ejaculation, such as infections of urinary tract or prostatitis, but nowadays doctors agree that most of the causes are of psychological nature.

And a lot of medical professionals agree that natural remedies can help prevent premature ejaculation and help last longer in bed. A lot of such remedies are available over the counter in most pharmacies.

First of them is plant Angelica. It can grow up as high as 6 feet. It is known under different names – European angelica, garden angelica, Archangelica officinalis, angelique, root of the holy ghost, wild angelica and others. The oil extract from its root is used to treat premature ejaculation. It should be applied directly to the skin of the penis.

Another plant helpful to men who suffer from premature ejaculation is the California flower Hibiscus. It can help in relaxation and restoration of warm relationsips between sexual partners which in turn can help man control his ejaculation .

Fo ti (or Ho Shou Wu) is a very well-known plant used in Chinese medicine for ages. The properties of Fo ti are similar to famous ginseng. It can preserve youth, increase ones energy and restore lowered sexual functioning. Fo to is used for treating not only premature ejaculation, but premature senility, erectile dysfunction and infertility as well. It can even increase sperm count – all that made Fo ti one of preferred plants used in Chinese medicine. It is sometimes even called “herbal Viagra alternative

There is Asian perennial plant named Bu Gu Zhi, Psoralea corylifolia or Cullen corylifolium. Its seeds are used as premature ejaculation remedies and also for treating febrile diseases, frequent urination, lower back pains, incontinence and impotence.

The FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) does not inspect or in any way regulate the use or prescription of herbal natural remedies, it does not approve their use for treatment of any health conditions.

The point is that herbal remedies can also cause adverse side effects along with healing properties. In mild cases some of them go away as soon as you stop taking remedies or as your organism adjusts to them, but in rare cases the side effects can be quite serious. In such case you are strongly recommended to seek immediate medical attention.


Review of Malay Root – Herbal ED Remedy September 29, 2009

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This product has conquered the entire Arab world and Turkey in just three years. According to legend, the prophet Muhammad gave his cousin Ali Malay roots, so that he has found a unique male power and clarity of mind. For centuries, natural medicine used this root. Now it is revitalized with the help of modern technology.

In contrast to the well-known drugs, Tongkat Ali contains natural (not chemical) basis and has no contraindications (Viagra eliminated for people with high blood sugar and cardiovascular disease).

There are three series of this product: gold (for sick and healthy), silver (for the healthy, but tired), green (preventive course).

This is a modern scientific formula that contains a unique blend of standardized extracts, designed to improve men’s health and strength. Each capsule is guaranteed potency and tested on the content of Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma longifolia (polysaccharides) and Panax Ginseng (ginsenoidy). This natural Viagra substitutes are recommended for use in the following cases:

  • Healthy people who want to improve the quality of their sexual life
  • Aged people whos sexual activity is weakened
  • Erectile dysfunction and inability to maintain an erection
  • Premature ejaculation
  • People who feel extreme fatigue after intimacy
  • Problems having an orgasm

Toxicological tests have showed that “Tongkat Ali Power Plus”, produced on herbal basis, is a completely safe product. At the conclusion of the National Committee of pharmaceutical control of Ministry of Health Malaysia, the product complies with GMP in the production of traditional medicine. It is based on three ingredients.

Eurycoma longifolia. For centuries, this plant was used to increase potency and sexual power of men. Recently in Malaysia, Japan and the U.S. have been successfully conducted extensive laboratory and clinical studies in which, inter alia, determined that under its influence in the body of testosterone increased in 4,4 times, produced more sperm, increase sperm motility, in the end increased fertilization (ratio 3:1). Revealed also that Eurycoma helps cope with stress, is effective as a tool against cancer and AIDS.

Cordyceps sinesis. In traditional Asian medicine is widely used as a means to increase the libido – from recent studies in women – at 86%, men – at 67%. Impotence disappeared in 66%. Increases the number of sperm (33%), increases their survival. General conclusion: Cordyceps effect on the system or the sex hormones directly affects sexual arousal centers in the brain.

Ginsenosides (ginseng). Contains a group of compounds known as ginsenozidy, who have the ability to increase libido. In the course of scientific research (China) was able to extract all the factions of ginseng and to determine the pharmacological effect of each component.


Herbal Remedies for Male Impotence September 27, 2009

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Herbal Remedies For Male ImpotenceAt least 300 thousand adult male annually are diagnosed with male impotence in the USA. A one-third of these men don’t react to the established treatment with synthetic meds such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil.

A lower amout can’t be prescribed with drugs because of preexistent medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and thyrotoxicosis. All these men are basically left alone with the alternative of penial devices that assist them sustain erections – or, naturally, they could address to herbal remedies.

As populations inside the modernised world are more and more addressing to traditionalistic medicine for general health care, they’ve come to recognize the fact that herbalism isn’t a “quack science”.
Modern medicine is beginning to be more acceptive of herbal cures for treating sexual dysfunctions as well. A couple of analyses indicate that Gingko Biloba has heavy potentiality for treating ED because it increases blood flow to the penis.

Nevertheless, this herb could be lethal whenever it interacts with blood slimming drugs such as warfarin (Coumadin) or raw nutrients like ail or tocopherol.
The herb Aswagandha (Withania somnifera), also known as Indian ginseng, has been famous for ages as a tonic for stress easing. It acts by lessening performance anxiousness and helping better circulation.

Mexican indigens are known to use the plant damiana (Turnera diffusa) as a male aphrodisiac — still, the active chemical compound in the herb is related to nitrile and can be toxicant in huge dosages. Serenoa repens (saw palmetto) has met a lot of attention in the late years as an impressive treatment for libido loss because of its ability to assist the body hold testosterone levels.

One of the most known herbal cures to come out that’s gained significant acceptation in past years is Ginseng. While the term ginseng has been used to refer to a assortment of misrelated plants, a lot of of them have outstandingly related properties and thereputic rates. Amongst them, Chinese ginseng (Panax ginseng), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) and Female ginseng (Angelica sinensis or Dong Quai) demonstrate poptential as treatments for male impotence.

The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t approve herbal ED remedies, as they don’t fall into their jurisdiction, and this includes remedies for male impotence. Men who are curious in these meds had better consult their doctors or herbalists to specify the appropriate herb and dose.